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What Processes can you automate in Therap® using RPA?

Therap is the leading system for service providers in all 50 states, supporting agency workflow, communications, compliance, and revenue management. Thoughtful can use RPA to automate functions quickly, cost-effectively, and securely within Therap for billing, claims, scheduling, utilization management, incident management, quality assurance, etc.

Thoughtful brings decades of experience in RPA to the healthcare space and can automate many of the processes within Therap to streamline communication and processes. Anything a human can do, our bots can do 80% faster and without error. However, what makes Thoughtful valuable is our ability to replicate the entire process, not only the Therap part.

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Time & Expense Billing

This bot is designed to consolidate employee expenses by location and profile type and submit monthly eBilling on the revenue reports.

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Billing, eBilling, Expense, Expense Report

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What other process automations can I do?

Thoughtful can automate any online application and most desktop applications as well. For example, let's say you want a printout of the Benefits Summary when our Patient Eligibility Bot is doing its job. We can have it save the Benefits Summary as a PDF to Sharepoint, Google or any other secure file sharing application you choose. It can create folders and update spreadsheets to log the results. It can even send emails, teams, or slack notification for those patients found to be not eligible. The processes, applications and possibilities truly are endless.

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Flux Resources Freed Up 400 Hours Using the Advantages of Process Automation



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People's Care Easily Saves 19 Hours Per Week With Their RPA Bots


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