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Thoughtful AI will generate $217M in value for healthcare providers in the next year

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Reduce your cost to collect by more than 78%

Cut days sales outstanding by more than 75%

Improve clean claim rates to 99%

Reduce your cost to collect by more than 78%

Cut days sales outstanding by more than 75%

Improve clean claim rates to 99%


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Learn why Kathrynne Johns, CFO at Allegiance Mobile Health, has implemented Thoughtful AI as a strategy into three different organizations throughout her career as a Healthcare leader.

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Why leading providers choose to partner with Thoughtful AI

World Class Team

A white glove service team

Custom Built Platform

Optimizing your current system stack, saving you millions from costly system migrations

Seamless Integration

Integrating with all healthcare applications in the cloud and on-prem

Performance-Based Contracting

Refund and value guarantees

ROI Obsessed

Adding millions to your bottom line

Vendor Consolidation

One platform, all departments, reduce tool and vendor spend

Millions of Automations, Maximum Security

Thoughtful AI is dedicated to compliance and security, offering full transparency and access to certifications, documentation, and high-level details on our strict control adherence.

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Unmatched Outcomes

With Thoughtful AI, leading healthcare providers realize outcomes otherwise impossible, with up to:


reduction in
operating expenses


reduction in
days sales outstanding


reduction in
claims denials

Achieving Guaranteed Outcomes and ROI

Join leading healthcare providers and:

  • Collect more money, faster
  • Higher capacity, less headcount
  • Acquire and retain more patients