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Reduce your OpEx with confidence. Our intelligent bots de-risk your cost-cutting initiatives by supercharging your existing systems and end-to-end processes.


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How Our Bots Can Automate Businesses

Keep your business processes running non-stop, error-free at unmatched speed and accuracy. Our highlight reel showcases how we’re saving industry leaders millions.

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You show us the job to be done, we take it from there. When you hire a bot, each is designed to handle your department's specific tasks and workflows.

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We train and onboard your bots to operate in all of your business systems seamlessly. No integrations are required, they work just like their human co-workers.

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We monitor and track your bots after they’ve been deployed to optimize their performance. We show you exactly what they’ve done and the value created.

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We automated parts of our process that allowed our business to grow and thrive.

Time spent on patient eligibility processing was decreased by 60%

Our bots routinely collect and post up to 11,000 roles each day into a Google Sheet.

We saved 5000+ hours in manual data entry, sorting, and matching

Our bot freed up recruiter’s time by 50% so they can focus on closing roles.

We regained 400 hours a month by employing a bot.

Our bot is now part of the team —performing a vital role at a fraction of the cost.

We recovered 30% of our accountant's time from manual tasks

Prior to Thoughtful, we were always playing catch up to process our backlog of items.

5 bots have cut runtimes by 70% for each process

Thoughtful allowed us to reinvest our time in more profitable areas of the business.

This law firm gained a 90% efficiency through automation

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