Eligibility Verification

Every patient’s eligibility is checked, verified, and optimized so you get paid on time and in full.


faster than a human team


decrease in denials due to eligibility discrepancies


increase in frequency of eligibility checks

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Commercial payor eligibility checks

Catch eligibility changes before they become denials.

Catch eligibility changes prior to all patient visits to prevent claim denials downstream. Our Eligibility Verification automation can initiate communication with the patient and/or payor to resolve eligibility issues with little to no impact on the patient and on the revenue cycle. As eligibility rules change across payors, Eligibility Verification houses a dynamic rules engine that’s seamless to update. It can even initiate communication with the payor or provider to resolve unexpected changes in eligibility status.

Medicaid eligibility checks

Always have complete and up-to-date Medicaid eligibility details.

Providers are limited by staff or technology and are only able to check Medicaid eligibility intermittently. Our Eligibility Verification automation continuously monitors each state’s Medicaid site directly and handles all nuances across various Medicaid providers. With Eligibility Verification, all statuses are current in your EHR and any exception workflows are accommodated.

Collect more money, faster.

Higher capacity, less headcount.

Acquire and retain more patients.

Cara Perry

VP of Revenue Cycle Management
Signature Dental Partners

Everything is running 24 hours a day, and accurately, which is all you can ask for when it comes to RCM.

It's like training a perfect employee, that works 24 hours a day, exactly how you trained it.

Cara decreased days sales outstanding to 45% below industry standards

Achieving Guaranteed Outcomes and ROI

Join leading healthcare providers and:

  • Collect more money, faster
  • Higher capacity, less headcount
  • Acquire and retain more patients

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