AI-Powered Revenue Cycle Automation

Our fully customizable RCM modules operate your current systems to perfect precision, so your team doesn’t have to. Experience seamless integration, reduced overhead, and a significant leap in your revenue cycle performance.

What We Do

Thoughtful delivers AI transformation by providing a comprehensive layer of automation and AI throughout the organization.


reduction in time spent scheduling

Eligibility Verification

  • Commercial payor eligibility checks
  • Medicaid eligibility checks


reduction in in-person patient registration activities

Patient Intake and Prior Authorization

  • Registration Validation
  • Prior Authorization


reduction in time spent with charge capture

Coding and Notes Review

  • Charge Coding
  • Note Review


or more reduction in claim denials

Claims Processing

  • Claims scrubbing
  • Primary Claims
  • Secondary claims and Coordination of Benefits


less time spent on reconciliation and audit reports

Collections and Payment Posting

  • Denial Handling
  • Patient Responsibility
  • Payment Posting


reduction in manual time spent on cleaning and submitting claims

Revenue Reporting and Reconciliation

  • Claims Auditing
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Revenue Reporting

End-to-end horsepower

Unified Automation with Specialized Modules

Thoughtful redefines the revenue cycle by custom configuring our RCM modules to deliver unmatched throughput and accuracy. We bring a harmonized approach, ensuring data consistency and streamlined operations. Say goodbye to disjointed processes and embrace a unified solution that enhances every aspect of your revenue management.

  1. Consistent and error-free process execution across all RCM modules.
  2. Seamless integration with your EHR, Practice Management system, and all payer and state portals, results in a unified and efficient workflow.
  3. Reduced operational costs by minimizing the time and people required to manage and perform these processes. The Thoughtful platform does the work.
  4. Increased revenue performance through cleaner data optimized to reduce denials and improve collection times.

Integrated Seamlessly

Scalability, Customization, and Universal Integration

The Thoughtful platform is designed for scale and tailored to your unique needs. Fully customizable, it integrates seamlessly with any system you use—EHRs, Practice Management Systems, payroll portals, state portals, and more. Whatever your infrastructure, our platform ensures a perfect fit, adapting to your evolving needs and delivering excellence across your revenue cycle.

  1. Flexible adaptation to your organization’s scale and growth needs.
  2. Customizable features to meet specific operational needs unique to your business.
  3. Universal integration with existing systems for a cohesive operating model.

Compliance Every Time

Accuracy and Compliance

Navigate the complexities of healthcare regulations confidently. Our platform ensures strict compliance and exceptional billing, reporting, and reconciliation workflow accuracy. We help you reduce claim denials significantly, maintaining impeccable standards in every financial interaction.

  1. Enhanced compliance with current healthcare regulations and standards.
  2. Decreased claim denials due to improved accuracy in patient verification, claims processing, and prior authorization related processes.
  3. Risk mitigation in financial transactions and patient data handling. Thoughtful is SOC 2 Type II certified and HIPAA compliant.

Achieving Guaranteed Outcomes and ROI

Join leading healthcare providers and:

  • Collect more money, faster
  • Higher capacity, less headcount
  • Acquire and retain more patients

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