We’re on a mission to free your workforce

Humans weren't meant to endlessly move pieces of data around – computers were. Automation gives human workers the freedom to pursue the creative, strategic work that builds companies, as well as their careers.

two guys working out a problem on the computer

Alex Zekoff, CEO

Dan Parsons, CPO

The thing is, automation hasn’t always been this accessible.

Hi, I'm Alex Zekoff, the co-founder and CEO of Thoughtful, and after spending years working in technology, I came to one conclusion: Automation needed a massive makeover.

So I teamed up with my long-time friend and business partner Dan Parsons, and together we set out to build a platform that empowers companies of all sizes with the same technology the big companies use – at a fraction of the price.

The principles behind our product

Technology for All

The labor market may be slowing down, but business definitely isn't. Hit your goals and increase your bandwidth, without more hiring.

Great Process = Great Automation

People are happiest when they're not overworked. Do more with fewer hours, with a digital workforce to take some of the pressure off.

Keep Humans in the Loop

Humans are, well, only human. Digital workers will perform critical, tedious work, without losing their focus.

Brilliant humans wanted

We're looking for proactive people who are passionate about technology to help us build the digital workforce of the future. We're a remote-hybrid company, and we'd love to have you on the team.

Our Capital Backers

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