Our Mission

To accelerate the world’s adoption of Automation and AI so humans can solve our most complex, existential problems.

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What We Do

Thoughtful delivers AI transformation by providing a comprehensive layer of automation and AI throughout the organization.


reduction in time spent scheduling

Eligibility Verification

  • Commercial payor eligibility checks
  • Medicaid eligibility checks


reduction in in-person patient registration activities

Patient Intake and Prior Authorization

  • Registration Validation
  • Prior Authorization


reduction in time spent with charge capture

Coding and Notes Review

  • Charge Coding
  • Note Review


or more reduction in claim denials

Claims Processing

  • Claims scrubbing
  • Primary Claims
  • Secondary claims and Coordination of Benefits


less time spent on reconciliation and audit reports

Collections and Payment Posting

  • Denial Handling
  • Patient Responsibility
  • Payment Posting


reduction in manual time spent on cleaning and submitting claims

Revenue Reporting and Reconciliation

  • Claims Auditing
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Revenue Reporting

How it Works

Elevate your healthcare system

We keep revenue cycles running non-stop, error-free, and at unmatched speed and accuracy.


Our Leadership

Our goal is to enable healthcare providers with AI-powered solutions to unlock their most ambitious growth and profitability targets.

Alex Zekoff

Co-Founder, CEO

Dan Parsons

Co-Founder, CPO

Chris Williams

VP of Automation

Lacey Hill

Head of Office

Jodi Silverman

Lead Solutions Architect

Jesal Gadhia

Head of Engineering

Our Advisors

Sean Lane

CEO, Olive

Clara Kridler

Hologram, CPO

Our Backer

Drive Capital

Our Culture

Warrior Culture at Thoughtful

We’re a warrior culture that promotes a competitive spirit, a relentless pursuit of success, and a willingness to face challenges head-on. Encouraging individuals and teams to adopt a proactive and passionate approach to achieving goals.

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