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Primary Claims Filing

Using RPA (robotic process automation) to perform a primary insurance claims filing in CentralReach ABA software can offer a number of advantages. For example, RPA bots can work quickly and accurately, processing claims in a fraction of the time it would take a human to do so. This can help to reduce delays and improve the efficiency of the insurance claims process. RPA bots are also highly reliable, as they do not get tired or make mistakes due to human error. This can help to improve the accuracy of the claims process and reduce the risk of errors or mistakes. In addition, using RPA for primary insurance claims filing can help to free up human staff to focus on more complex or value-added tasks, rather than spending time on routine, repetitive tasks. Overall, the use of RPA for primary insurance claims filing can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the process, while also freeing up human staff to focus on more strategic tasks.



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1. Login to Domo and get Payor information and Provider mapping files.

2. Log into the CentralReach system using the appropriate credentials.

3. Navigate to the primary insurance claims module or section of the system.

4. Retrieve the necessary information about the patient and the insurance provider.

5. Search for the relevant primary insurance claims records in the system.

6. Review the insurance claims records to determine the status of the claim.

7. Take any appropriate actions to resolve issues with the claim.

8. Update the insurance claims records with any new information or changes.

9. Save the updated records and log out of the system.

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