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reduction in claims processing time

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Speak to a consultant and learn how automating claims can transform your Revenue Cycle.

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Faster, cheaper claims filings
Automation allows the processing of primary insurance claims with speed and precision, reducing delays and streamlining the process. Get more claims processed with fewer inputs.

Improved efficiency and accuracy
Relying on automation to perform these important Rev Cycle tasks means eliminating any errors that the human element introduces, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in the claims process.

More focus on positive patient outcomes
Automating repetitive, tedious tasks with Smart Bots unlocks your human staff can focus on delivering the highest level of care to your patients. Improve staff retention and employee happiness.

Compare the time and effort it takes to process Primary Claims.

Eliminate time-consuming, tedious tasks and focus on patient outcomes.

100% Manual

Human Process

  • Login to Electronic Health Records (EHR).
  • Navigate to billing and filter for all new claims.
  • Add modifiers if applicable to this payor.
  • Identify, flag and filter out any unapproved locations, duplicate entries or missing signatures.
  • Perform any additional scrubbing steps, such as missing authorizations, unconverted time sheets, incorrect diagnosis codes, etc.
  • Review the claims that did not pass the scrubbing and update details as needed.
  • Merge and generate the claims by payor that passed data scrubbing above.
  • Update provider information for each client, referencing the client’s chart.
  • Update any other details.
  • Generate the bulk claim.
  • Navigate to the claims inbox and exclude any errors from the selection.
  • Send claims to the gateway.
  • Return to billing, select all claims that were generated, and add the label “billed”.
  • Repeat the entire process for the next payor.

90% Automated

Smart Bot Process

Login, Identify and Perform Payor Scrubbing.

Filter all new claims by payor.

Identify, flag and filter any claims.

Scrub all claims for errors.

Merge, Update and Generate the Bulk Claim.

Update the provider info for each client.

Generate the bulk claim.

Send claims to the gateway.

Mark claim as billed.

Repeat the process for the next payor.

Review the completed job report and handle any exceptions.

Our Smart Bots will supercharge your Rev Cycle.

Our bots are trained to log into any website, EHR, or CRM to identify patients that require claims processing, process that claim within the insurance company, and then make the corresponding updates in the system of record.

Let Thoughtful's bots transform your Revenue Cycle.

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