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Patient Eligibility Verification

Adopting an automated Patient Eligibility Verification system offered by a company such as Thoughtful has numerous benefits for healthcare organizations. The automation reduces the chances of manual errors, saving time and money, and provides real-time verification for quick and accurate determination of a patient's insurance coverage. Automation reduces administrative tasks for staff, allowing them to concentrate on delivering quality patient care. Furthermore, the technology used by Thoughtful offers up-to-date information on a patient's insurance status, reducing the risk of denied claims and enhancing revenue cycle management. In conclusion, automation of Patient Eligibility Verification improves accuracy, efficiency, and financial stability for healthcare organizations.



Behavioral Health


Physical Therapy




Revenue Cycle Management


  1. The bot will login to Office 365 and get the appointments to check.
  2. The DW will cycle through each location and insurance.
  3. The DW will login to each website, locate the patient, determine eligibility, update results sheet, and save PDF copy of Benefits to location folder for the appointment date.
  4. The DW will prepare an HL7 file with any applicable Authorization numbers and use SFTP to send the file.
  5. The DW will update the exception report for any patients that are not eligible.

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