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Review & Approve Documents

Automating the review and approval of documents can lead to a more efficient and streamlined process. It eliminates the need for human intervention, which saves time and allows employees to focus on more complex or valuable tasks. Automation also ensures accuracy and consistency by following pre-established rules and procedures. Furthermore, automation eliminates the risk of errors or mistakes caused by human fatigue or inattention. Overall, automating document review and approval can significantly improve the efficiency and precision of an organization's processes.




  1. The RPA bot logs into the appropriate software using the appropriate credentials.
  2. The bot searches for the specific document that needs to be reviewed and approved.
  3. The bot opens the document and reviews it for any errors or issues, following predetermined rules.
  4. The bot routes it to the appropriate individuals or systems for further review and approval.
  5. The bot monitors the approval process and tracks the progress of the document.
  6. After approved, he bot marks it as approved and moves it to the appropriate folder or location.
  7. If necessary, it back to the appropriate individuals or systems for further review and approval.

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