On-Premises Setup

Setting up your Virtual Machine

If the process we are automating for you (the customer) uses a software or application that can only be accessed locally from your network, a virtual machine will be required. This VM will not only be used to access your systems, but will also host the workforce agent that needs to be installed on your machine. We use Robocorp as our tool of choice to download and manage these workforce agents.


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Virtual Machine (VM) Specs

Thoughtful is not an IT consulting firm and therefore cannot help you with your virtual machine setup. Common providers of Virtual Machines are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Standard specs typically needed for the VM in order to run the workforce agent:

2.50 GHz


8 GB



Operating System



Typical High-Code Automation


Upfront Cost



$50,000 & Up


Monthly Cost






There may be cases where one or more of the listed specs needs to be increased to better handle the everyday tasks of your RCA module. For example: additional CPU may be required to run the module if there is a high volume of records being processed, or if Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is needed. In the cases where more horsepower is needed, Thoughtful will reach out and request your virtual machine be “beefed up” to support more robust processing.

Installation Overview

Part One - Installing the Workforce Agent:

Installing the workforce agent on-prem allows Thoughtful to connect our Robocorp workspace with your environment. Once the VM is ready, the workforce agent will need to be installed. To do this, follow the steps below:

First you will need to create a free Robocorp account, by navigating to the Robocorp Login Page and selecting the “Create an Account” link. From there you will be instructed on what information is needed to complete the sign up process.

Once you have created your new account, the steps outlined here will walk you through how to install the workforce agent on your virtual machine. Follow the set of instructions that apply to the operating system being used on your virtual machine.(Windows, macOS, Linux).

The Workforce Agent installer that is specific to the OS used by your VM is available on Robocorp’s website. The Robocorp Doc will direct you on where to go to download the agent. This image shows the location on Robocorp where the different installers are found. The installer you select should match the OS being used by the VM.

When you reach the “Link Robocorp Workforce Agent with Control Room for Workforce Robots” section, you will have completed part one of this process.

Part Two - Linking the Workforce Agent:

This part of the process is where the linking of the workforce agent occurs. This can be completed at any time, and is typically done when development of your module is finishing up and we are ready to transition to acceptance testing. At this point, Thoughtful will provide you the required link token, and the setup process will be completed.

Firewall and Network Proxy Requirements

The Firewall Requirements are to ensure the workforce agent has the necessary pathway(s) to function without interruption. If there is a chance your firewall will block the access requirements necessary to run the module, then whitelisting the egress points may be required.

Module Egress Points (IP Addresses)

The following are the egress points that will need to be allow-listed when it is determined this is necessary for the module to function:

Security Concerns

For any Security Concerns

The following page provides all documentation and links regarding the security of the Robocorp workforce agent: Robocorp Security Page.

Additional Info

Security is built directly into our development lifecycle, by performing both automated security scans and red team style penetration tests on every build and deployment. For more information on our security, check out our Trust and Security page.

Scenarios Where We Cannot Automate via the VM

Virtual Machine (VM) within a VM

Example: You use a VPN and Remote Desktop to access another client’s systems, and we’re expected to connect through 2 VPNs (both yours and your client’s) in order to connect. We do not build in the use of a VPN into our automations. A VPN should only be used when our developers are doing development on the machines.

Attended (Supervised) VMs

Unattended access to the VM for development purposes is needed for the automation. We’re needing you, the customer, to allow us the freedom to access the VM without supervision.

“Black Box”

An outbound connection is needed for the Robocloud Workforce Agent to function. The customer will need to whitelist the connection in accordance with the Robocorp Firewall and Network Proxy Requirements mentioned above.

Citrix/Remote Desktop

The module cannot use remote desktop or Citrix to log into multiple locations from one central location. If the access is controlled and distributed via Citrix or a Remote Desktop, we cannot automate it.