HIMSS '23 Recap

HIMSS '23 Recap

Last Month the Thoughtful team attended HIMSS’s annual conference, held this year in our own backyard, Chicago’s McCormick Convention Center. It was our first big trade show, and we were so excited to showcase how Thoughtful can transform RCM for the thousands of patient providers in attendance.

At the Booth

After setting up shop in the Innovation Hall area we were delighted to see dozens of teams approach us seeking guidance on how AI and automation could address their concerns regarding revenue leakage. We had the opportunity to engage with many mid-market revenue cycle managers and technology owners from patient providers across the nation. We gained valuable learnings along with a strong list of prospective customers.

A few takeaways:

  • Teams were missing out on 20-50% of revenue from denied claims.
  • Eligibility and prior authorizations are a nightmare for smaller revenue cycle teams.
  • Revenue cycle managers need to do more work with less people.
“Mid-market providers are motivated to reach their full potential. It’s exciting to see how ambitious a lot of RCM leaders are becoming. There’s a newfound willingness to explore new technologies to improve collections, decrease overhead costs, and improve patient outcomes.” - Dan Parsons, CPO at Thoughtful.

We’re excited to bring AI-powered automations to these organizations. Our customers are experiencing up to 87% decrease in denied claims, 82% decrease in cost per claim, and 30% increase in revenue velocity.

If you’re experiencing revenue leakage issues, Thoughtful is the answer to your problems. We’d love to set you up with a demo to see how we can help you collect more money, faster.

HFMA in Nashville June 27 & 28th, 2023

We're looking forward to attending the HFMA event. If you're attending, we'd love to meet you.

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Published On:

April 25, 2024

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