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Tenant Application Filtering

Automating the review and filtering tenant applications based on predefined criteria brings several advantages. Firstly, it helps to eliminate human error and increase accuracy by automatically applying consistent standards to each application. This can lead to fairer and more consistent decision-making. The software also speeds up the process, as it can quickly and efficiently filter out applications that do not meet the criteria, reducing the time required to review each application manually. Automation also provides a centralized platform for all tenant applications, making it easier for landlords to access and review historical data. Additionally, automation ensures compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, providing peace of mind for both landlords and tenants. By automating the review and filtering of tenant applications, landlords can improve the speed and efficiency of the process, increase accuracy and consistency, and make more informed decisions.


Property Management


  1. Log in to Forms Software.
  2. Retrieve new applications.
  3. Move applications that don't meet the criteria to "Rejected" folder.
  4. Move applications that do meet the criteria to "Accepted" folder.
  5. Add Applicant to Applicant Tracking Google Sheet.
  6. Update exceptions and results log.

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