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Rent Roll Reporting

Automating the production and distribution of an investor/owner rent roll report through Thoughtful's technology can offer numerous benefits for real estate companies. The automation allows the system to gather and analyze data, allowing staff time to focus on other essential tasks quickly and accurately. The reports can be generated regularly, ensuring that investors and owners are always up to date on the performance of their investments. The consistent format and presentation of the information can also maintain a professional image for the company. Additionally, the speed and accuracy of reporting can lead to faster and more informed decision-making for investors and owners, which can increase investor confidence and drive growth and success for the company. Furthermore, automating the rent roll report process can also reduce the risk of errors, as the system can automatically check and reconcile data, reducing the potential for human error.


Property Management


  1. Log in to Property Management Software.
  2. For each investor, print the Rent Roll Summary Report by Property.
  3. Print the Rent Roll Detail Report by Property.
  4. Email to predefined distribution list.
  5. Update exceptions and results log.

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