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New Tenant Setup

When a new tenant signs a lease, this Bot will setup the Tenant file in the Property Management System. Automating the setup of tenant files in a Property Management System offers several benefits, including reduced manual labor, increased efficiency and accuracy, centralized and accessible information storage, secure management of sensitive information, and streamlined processes. It saves time and effort for Property Managers, eliminates the risk of human error, provides a centralized location for storing and accessing tenant information, and automates the collection and management of critical information while reducing the risk of data breaches. In summary, automating the setup of tenant files is an intelligent solution that provides a more efficient, accurate, and secure way of managing tenant information.


Property Management


  1. Log in to Property Management Software.
  2. Get all applicant documents either from Applicant software or predefined location.
  3. Add Tenant to Resident/Tenant module.
  4. Setup recurring invoices.
  5. Setup all logins and access.
  6. Add all documents to Tenant record.
  7. Update New Tenant Checklist.

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