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Inspection Tracking

Thoughtful's bots, can provide several advantages for reviewing and scheduling upcoming inspections. One benefit is that it can automate the process of identifying and scheduling inspections, reducing the workload for property managers. Additionally, the bot can also allow tenants and property managers to easily view and schedule inspections online, saving time for both the tenant and the property manager. The bot can also provide a record of all inspections, making it easy for the property manager to keep track of what needs to be done, and when. Overall, a smart bot can streamline the process of inspections and make it more efficient for both tenants and property managers. Additionally, it can also provide a more proactive and preventive maintenance process, by analyzing data and predicting future inspection needs. Moreover, it can also send automatic notifications to tenants about upcoming inspections and remind them to prepare the property accordingly.


Property Management


  1. Log in to Property Management Software.
  2. Filter data to show next month's inspections.
  3. Schedule inspection and send email notification to Tenant.
  4. Update exceptions and results log.

Popular Applications

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