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Email Sorting

Automating Email sorting and categorization with Thoughtful can bring a range of advantages to a business or individual. The software can help to automatically sort and categorize incoming emails, reducing the need for manual sorting and making it easier to find important messages. It can also help to reduce spam and unwanted emails by using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. Additionally, Thoughtful can help to improve overall productivity by automating tasks such as email triage, categorization, and response. By automating these processes, Thoughtful can help users to become more efficient and organized, making it easier to find and retrieve information when needed and make data-driven decisions. With Thoughtful, businesses or individuals can also optimize their operations by using real-time data to plan and schedule tasks, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Furthermore, it can also help to comply with regulatory compliance and industry standards, such as GDPR and other data privacy regulations.


Record Keeping

Account Management

Records Management


  1. Retrieve emails from various sources, such as inboxes, archives, and external email services.
  2. Clean and preprocess the email data, such as removing duplicates, spam, and unwanted attachments.
  3. Extract relevant email features, such as sender, subject, date, and content.
  4. Use machine learning algorithms to categorize emails into pre-defined categories based on the extracted features.
  5. Assign a confidence score to each categorization to indicate its accuracy.
  6. Apply filters to the categorized emails, such as removing low-confidence categorizations and prioritizing high-priority emails.
  7. Sort the filtered emails based on categorization, priority, or other criteria.
  8. Visualize the sorted emails in a user-friendly manner, such as a dashboard or an email client interface.
  9. Continuously monitor and improve the email categorization and sorting process based on feedback and changing requirements.

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