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Check-ins & Check-outs

These bots can reduce the need for staff to handle these tasks, saving hotels money and improving data accuracy by accurately capturing and recording check-in and check-out data. Additionally, RPA bots are able to handle a high volume of check-ins and check-outs without experiencing fatigue or other issues that might affect human staff, making them especially useful for hotels that experience high levels of guest traffic. Overall, using an RPA bot to automate the check-in and check-out process can help hotels streamline their operations and improve their overall business performance.


Customer Service


  1. Login credentials to access the CMS software.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate page in the CMS software
  3. Enter the guest's name, reservation number, and other relevant information.
  4. Perform a check-in or check-out
  5. Update guest's reservation status, generate a bill or receipt, and perform other tasks.
  6. Save the transaction and confirm that it has been completed successfully.
  7. Log out of the CMS software to complete the process.

Popular Applications

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