Automation Engineers Now have a Marketplace to Develop Smart Bots for Thoughtful

Building enterprise-class robotic process automation (RPA) bots is hard, but it's made much easier with a robust development platform. Last week, Thoughtful® launched their new platform aimed at developers who want to build the next generation of advanced smart bots that suit the unique needs of your business. The company plans to ramp up the onboarding of skilled developers in the coming months.

To understand some of the platform's benefits, we reached out to Thoughtful's VP of Marketplace and Developer Relations Coordinator for their insights on building bots and the future of remote partnerships.

We first spoke with Chris Williams, Thoughtful's VP of Marketplace, who drives Thoughtful automation engineering strategy. Here's what Chris had to say.

Chris, what are the advantages of the platform from a technology perspective?

Typical solutions in this space rely on a pipeline approach that organizes labor and resources to create value. This is typically done by optimizing the entire chain of activities with a closed-source approach to proprietary technology.

We are building beyond that. Our focus is on creating value for the automation engineering community by providing the tools and knowledge based on the open-source mindset. Our value is serving this community and offering a platform that enables automation development without the hassle of design and hosting. This means the community can focus on what they do best—building compelling smart bots.

How will developers benefit from using the Thoughtful developer platform?

  • Our developer experience allows a focus on automation by streamlining end-to-end development without compromising code quality or security. Developers don't have to worry about hosting, monitoring, and other operational elements.
  • Our platform offers complete infrastructure, coaching, and business case support to turn ideas into functional bots.
  • Our developer experience fosters a community that allows self-service and collaborative support in solving challenges within a sole-focused network of engineers.
  • We are constantly sharpening our technical skills through innovation delivery and collaborative solutions in the Python, API, ML, and OCR spaces across industries. This environment helps developers advance their careers and stand out from their peers.

Pivoting to the logistics and coordination efforts underway, we spoke with Piper Tucker to understand how Thoughtful handles the coordination and workflow of the software they deliver and what the developers are responsible for.

Piper, where are your developers based?

We source globally and have developers and partners worldwide — Ukraine, Italy, South Africa, India, Southeast Asia, etc. One of our founding marketplace development partners, The Functionary, is based in Mexico. They specialize in dedicated software developers who integrate seamlessly into our team to increase capacity and productivity. Thoughtful developer experience gives our engineers access to open-source RPA, ML, and OCR technologies under one platform. We have one fantastic partnership and are excited to be on this journey together.

We spoke with Jenna Stanfield (Senior Director of Business Development) at The Functionary to get her perspective on the partnership and how it benefits both companies.

"We very much enjoy our partnership with Thoughtful! They are working on exciting technology that our developers love to be a part of! Their leadership team communicates effectively and helps to bring out the best in the developers that we have assigned to them."

Piper, that sounds mutually beneficial. What does it take to qualify as a developer?

Developers can join Thoughtful's developer community by signing up on our DevX page. Once a developer is a part of our network, they will unlock Thoughtful's marketplace, where they can bid on new bots to build on our platform and have exclusive access to features that allow them to build more efficiently.

Lastly, where do you see the platform in 3-5 years?

As technology advances and innovators step into the market, they democratize their learnings and build offerings enabling the entire ecosystem to avoid the ever-classic "re-inventing of the wheel." We anticipate that Thoughtful's platform will empower engineers to build automations without the overhead or lift we see today, much like cloud computing has done to customer-owned data centers.

Thoughtful offers and will continue to build a best-in-class platform where automation communities and specializations will thrive.

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Published On:

July 19, 2023

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