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MB2 Dental, a Dental Partnership Organization (DPO), saves a nominal amount of time extracting and manipulating financial data from reports.

MB2 Dental


MB2 Dental wanted to automate an important, yet redundant task of obtaining and arranging financial data in a manner that best suited their purposes. Accuracy, speed, and efficiency were their top priorities.


Thoughtful developed a bot that would generate and download reports from the J.P. Morgan site and augment it - upon completion, the final product would be relayed to MB2 Dental via email.


MB2 now has a bot with a scheduled routine that it follows quickly, efficiently, and accurately. This, in turn, facilitates accurate financial reporting needed for their business on-time, every time. Its employees now direct more time towards the company’s core processes and offerings.

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MB2 Dental

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MB2 Dental

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