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Ally Pediatric Accomplished a 90% Reduction in Their Invoice Processing Time


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Ally Pediatric



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The Problem

Ally Pediatric, a behavioral health company, identified that a significant amount of its employees’ time was being directed towards gathering, validating, and sending invoices to a large group of clients on a regular basis. They were seeking solutions to free up manpower and redirect those efforts towards value-added tasks. In addition, they wanted to accelerate and optimize their invoicing process as they routinely lagged behind on this effort.

The Approach

Thoughtful designed an AI Worker that was capable of undertaking several steps to efficiently process customer invoices. The steps entailed identifying clients that had patient responsibility, generating an invoice, and subsequently sending an email informing them of the amount due. In addition, the AI Worker sends instructions to the clients on making their payments along with the details of the representative they can contact in case of any doubts.

The Result

The company successfully streamlined its invoicing process and eliminated the need for a dedicated resource to accomplish this redundant task.

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