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Workers Compensation Claim Filing

Thoughtful provides EHR administrators with a solution for automating andidentifying relevant medical records and combining them with workers' compensation claims. The platform uses advanced algorithms to quickly identify and retrieve relevant medical records, reducing the time and effort required for manual record retrieval. With Thoughtful, EHR administrators can be confident that the correct medical records are being used to support workers' compensation claims, improving the accuracy of the claims process. The platform also provides real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, so administrators can monitor the status of each claim and ensure that all necessary records have been retrieved and combined. Thoughtful's secure platform protects sensitive information, ensuring it is accessible only to authorized personnel. By automating the identification and retrieval of relevant medical records, Thoughtful makes the claims process more efficient, accurate, and secure for EHR administrators.


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Revenue Cycle Management

Claims Filing


  1. Login to CareCloud.
  2. Pull the workers compensation claims for the day, download the batches, and upload to a shared drive.
  3. Read each red form, extract various fields, and populate a spreadsheet with the relevant information.
  4. Search CareCloud and WebPT for the individual’s medical records.
  5. Download the correct record and combine the claims form with the medical record into a new file.
  6. Upload the completed spreadsheet to QuickBase.
  7. Process each claim one by one, navigate to RingCentral, and fax the corresponding company each claim file.

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