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People's Care Easily Saves 19 Hours Per Week With Their RPA Bots

People's Care


People’s Care, a NY-based Licensed Home Care Service Agency, had contracted PCH and SAILS to send out monthly billing for 211 vendors, each with unique service codes. In Therap®, the concerned teams specified date ranges to download utilization reports. These reports were then uploaded to Google Drive to compare against any additional service logs. Team members would review the utilization report before entering the monthly billing in an eBilling portal, where they would specify days billed. Upon completion, the customer would submit the monthly billing. People’s Care discovered that this was an incredibly time-consuming and tedious process.


Thoughtful designed and developed a bot to automate the aforementioned process, allowing both PCH and SAILS to run their individual service codes. The bot identifies and processed monthly billing accurately and sends an exceptions reports to alert the customer if any additional information is required.


What used to take 3 days via manual processing is now accomplished in 5 hours by the bot. The customer can review the work completed by the bot, while directing their focus towards other pertinent tasks that keep them busy at the start of the month.

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People's Care

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People's Care

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