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Vendor Aging & Payments

Automating a Vendor Aging Report and paying bills selected for payment offers several advantages. Firstly, it streamlines the financial management process, saving time and resources compared to manual methods. The automation eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and improving accuracy. Additionally, the software provides a centralized platform for all financial information, making it easier for businesses to access and review historical data. Automation also ensures compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, providing peace of mind for companies and vendors. With the ability to automate the creation of Vendor Aging Reports and the payment of bills selected for price, businesses can quickly and easily stay on top of their financial obligations. By automating this process, companies can improve the speed and efficiency of their financial management process, reduce the risk of errors, and make more informed decisions about their financial obligations.


Property Management


  1. Log in to Google and get last week's Sheet.
  2. Log in to Bank and select all bills to pay from sheet.
  3. Print and send payment summary to predefined distribution list.
  4. Log in to Property Management Software.
  5. Mark all bills paid.
  6. Export new Vendor Aging Report to Google Sheet.
  7. Send to predefined distribution list.
  8. Update exceptions and results log.

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