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Batch Payment Reconciliation

Each month, this bot reviews all bank deposits and reconciles to individual payments. Automating the bank deposit and payment matching process provides several benefits, including increased accuracy and efficiency, real-time data access and insights, streamlined reconciliation, saved time and resources, and centralized information storage. The automation reduces manual labor, minimizes the risk of human error, allows for better monitoring and management of bank deposits and payments, simplifies the detection of discrepancies, frees up staff for other tasks, and centralizes all information, making it easily accessible and usable. In conclusion, automating the bank deposit and payment matching process improves financial management's efficiency, accuracy, and security.


Property Management


  1. Log in to Payment Processing Portal.
  2. Pull Batch Payment report.
  3. Match each payment to payments in Property Management Software.
  4. Add Deposit and select payments.
  5. Record any discrepancies.
  6. Update exceptions and results log.

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