Kathrynne transformed the RCM department at three large healthcare providers



Reduction in claims scrubbing team


Increase in speed to collections


Faster reimbursement time achieved

Struggling with manual claim submissions, revenue losses, and frustrating delays? It's time to ditch the paperwork chaos and let Thoughtful AI take the reins.

Picture a world where your revenue cycle management process is streamlined with fewer rejections, faster reimbursements, and more focus on what truly matters – your patients. Keep reading to uncover how Kathrynne has used Thoughtful AI to transform the RCM department at three large healthcare providers and get ready to revolutionize your approach to revenue cycle management.

Kathrynne Johns


CFO at Allegiance Mobile Health

The leading private Texas-based provider of medical transportation and 911 emergency services. With a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in finance and revenue cycle management (RCM) across diverse healthcare sectors, Kathrynne is a seasoned expert dedicated to optimizing financial strategies for success.

The Problem

Facing office closures, Kathrynne had to downsize her Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) team from 22 to 10 members. Kathrynne recognized the urgent need for an innovative solution to bridge the gap in team capacity and maintain cash flow.

Discovery of Thoughtful AI

"My journey with Thoughtful AI spans three organizations – two in behavioral health and one in EMS”

At the ASC, our RCM team faced staffing shortages, leading us to seek automation solutions for staffing and reimbursement challenges. That's when Thoughtful AI caught our attention.

Having previously worked with Thoughtful AI at two leading providers with exceptional results, choosing Thoughtful AI for the third organization was a clear and strategic decision.

This is how Kathrynne expertly leveraged Thoughtful AI to overcome challenges and drive success.

The Solution

The game-changer was Thoughtful AI’s streamlined claims scrubbing process, significantly boosting our efficiency. Moreover, Thoughtful AI's seamless integration extended to payment posting, secondary payment flips, private pay billing, and payroll processes, revolutionizing our operations across the board.

The Results

The speed of automation implementation exceeded all expectations. In a remarkably short time, we witnessed substantial progress and efficiency gains that left our executive leadership astonished and impressed.

Thoughtful AI's impact on RCM efficiency empowers teams to prioritize essential tasks, leading to a remarkable improvement in overall productivity.

With Thoughtful AI's support, we reduced our claim scrubbing team by an impressive 50%, seamlessly managing thousands of claims daily with minimal human intervention.

We achieved a remarkable 40% increase in speed to collections, significantly reducing the days from billing to payment.

The Takeaways

I recommend healthcare leaders explore Thoughtful AI for scaling and automating processes to grow their businesses efficiently. Thoughtful AI offers scalability and efficiency at a fraction of the cost of adding headcount. If you are a healthcare leader aiming to scale your RCM team, Thoughtful is your answer.

Experience the same transformation as Kathrynne. Stop wasting time on paperwork and let Thoughtful AI handle your RCM issues while you focus on what matters – your patients.

Achieving Guaranteed Outcomes and ROI

Join leading healthcare providers and:

  • Collect more money, faster
  • Higher capacity, less headcount
  • Acquire and retain more patients