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Introduction to Automation

Digital workers (robots) can do what humans can do - but better. They can access web and desktop applications with ease, change and manipulate data without mistakes, and won't take coffee breaks.

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Healthcare Claims Demo

Watch Kathrynne Johns of Trumpet Behavioral Health walk you through what her digital worker is doing to help process Secondary Claims as part of her revenue cycle operations.


Q&A with Customers

We invited some of our healthcare customers to join us for an Automation in Healthcare webinar. Check out what questions the attendees asked and what our customers had to say about their digital workers.


Automation in Healthcare Webinar (Full Video)

Kathrynne Johns of Trumpet Behavioral Health and Kevin Silver of Butterfly Effects joined Thoughtful for a webinar about Automation in Healthcare. We discuss how automation is quickly evolving across industries, a demo of a digital worker processing Secondary Claims, and a Q/A with Kathrynne and Kevin with questions from the attendees.