Strategy & Definition

Targeted insights
for greater outcomes

We comprehensively examine your current process, team, and intended outcomes. We then craft a unique implementation strategy tailored to your specific use cases, creating a targeted transformation for your business's automation priorities.

  • Define operational outcomes and use case roadmap.
  • Develop an ROI analysis and implementation plan.
  • Allocate worker credits across departments.

Discover & Define

Built to deliver measurable results

During the design and delivery phase, we engage in rapid ideation and iteration to develop a scalable architecture and fine-tune the process flow that best suits your business. We construct AI Workers and assign them to workflows, to solve your most crucial operational challenges first.

  • Roadmap use case processes and deployment.
  • Develop use cases based on operational priority.
  • Deploy AI workers across the process landscape.

Acceptance & Integration

Outcomes that
surpass expectations

Our efficient implementation team ensures a rapid and collaborative process, guaranteeing thorough testing, training, and flawless execution of your automations. Once activated, you’ll observe your AI Workers promptly start delivering value from day one.

  • Assure AI workers meet the desired quality standards.
  • Dedicated support during the onboarding process.
  • Manage code and requirements to optimize efficiency.

Optimize & Monitor

Monitor support for maximum up-time

Our proprietary platform Empower actively monitors your AI Workers efficiency and uptime 24/7/365. We then optimize for new edge cases to ensure they consistently surpass their task loads with unwavering reliability. You're now set up to scale across additional departments and functions.

  • Proactive monitoring and issue resolution.
  • Prioritized support and staff training.
  • Manage worker expansion and edge case exceptions.