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Your Thoughtful Journey

Our proven implementation process delivers quick, measurable results.


Together, we align on the problems you’re hoping to solve with automation. We’ll craft an implementation plan unique to your business and use cases.

Define target outcomes

Use case roadmap

ROI analysis

Process Assessment and Scoping

Our goal is to drive measurable results, fast. We design and configure our smart bots to execute your businesses unique use cases.

Bot design and requirements document

Pricing & contracting

Implementation timeline


Our implementation team drives a swift and collaborative implementation process. We partner with your team to get your smart bots delivering value in short order.

Bot development and configuration

Acceptance testing

Deployment and training

Monitor and Scale

The Thoughtful platform is proactively monitoring your smart bots 24/7/365. We continuously  optimize for new edge cases to ensure they’re consistently and reliably crushing their task load.

Proactive monitoring

Dedicated customer success

Industry standard SLA and uptime


Explore our plans and pricing and let's get started with one that suits you best.

Plans and Pricing

See why leading healthcare providers choose Thoughtful AI.

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