Behavioral Health

Cut costs, improve
efficiency, serve patients.

Our evaluation analyzes and uncovers opportunities within your workflow to automate processes that constrain your staff and slow office output.

No integrations are required; our smart bots work on your software to perform processes for everyday functions like...

  • Medicaid Eligibility
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Patient Responsibility
  • Primary Claims
  • Invoicing and Statements
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Claims Processing
  • Patient Appointments

Our FREE process evaluation
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These are just some of the systems we integrate with...




KY Medicaid

PA Medicaid

SC Medicaid


GA Medicaid

FL Medicaid

WellSky Personal Care






Meditech Expanse





How it Works

What if there was a way to read, sort, move and send patient data quickly and easily, error-free, and in record time? There is. Software bots can run anytime, on any platform. It can perform tasks within documents, applications or on the web. Our video highlights many of the actions and functions that can be performed.

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These companies have
already seen the benefits of automation


Ally Pediatric

Ally Pediatric Accomplished a 90% Reduction in Their Invoice Processing Time


Keplr Vision

Keplr Vision Experiences an Impressive 95% Reduction in Processing Time


MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental Innovates with Bots and Saves 80 Hours Per Month by Automating

Our FREE process evaluation is your first step toward automation.

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The results speak for themselves

Butterfly Effects

"I’ve been amazed at Thoughtful’s ability to deploy robotic workers that run my business processes while my staff focuses on other higher-value tasks. By reducing the time taken to complete the process by 90%, it has enabled us to direct our attention towards the bigger picture. Our team no longer spends more time than necessary on the minutiae of a repetitive process."

Kevin Silver


"Using a smart bot to verify Medicaid Eligibility in line with policy changes streamlined our efforts, allowing us to optimize productivity in other core areas. Overall, our smart bot continues to save us time and money in multiple ways. We couldn’t be happier with the services rendered by the Thoughtful team and their ongoing support."

Brittany Turner
Systems Administrator

Limited Time Offer: 3 Days Remaining

A process evaluation is the quickest way to discover and recover lost time and money

STEP 1: We dive into the mechanics of automating your process and analyze the human workflow through the lens of automation — uncovering ways to re-engineer the process and reduce wasted human effort.

STEP 2: As part of the Process Evaluation, we create a fully fleshed-out process design document. This includes every step of the process, any deviations or edge cases, rules logic, and more.

STEP 3: With zero implementation fees and guaranteed end-to-end support throughout the life of the automation, our business model depends on delivering efficient and accurate bots that perform at their best.

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