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Patient Invoicing and Statements

At the end of each month, this Digital Worker (DW) generates and sends invoices for prior month and outstanding balance statements to each account.



Behavioral Health




Medical Billing

Accounts Receivable

Revenue Cycle Management

Patient Intake

Patient Appointments

Insurance Claims Filing


  1. Login to Central Reach.
  2. Set predefined filters for the prior months’ invoices.
  3. Generates each invoice one-by-one.
  4. Updates each claim with “Private” and selects the date and Lockbox payment type.
  5. Download all of the invoices as PDFs.
  6. Downloads the billing reports and the contacts document.
  7. Consolidates the reports into a Google Sheet invoice template.
  8. Match the contact information with the outstanding invoices and check to ensure contact information has the correct address information.
  9. Upload the invoice to the payments section in Waystar to send out invoices to all of the patients with outstanding balances.


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