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Leaving a Series A Company to Join Thoughtful

I’ll dispel some myths about joining an early-stage company and shed some light on why I decided to join Thoughtful.

What Is Optical Character Recognition?

Optical character recognition is a digital worker capability that allows teams to automate digital document processing.

Business Process Mapping Examples: How to Prepare Your Processes for RPA Implementation

Process mapping is a critical first step of automation. This process mapping example details how we clean up and organize complex workflows ahead of RPA implementation.

Strategies for Increasing Business Efficiency Through Automation

Deploying digital workers at your organization can help with employee and customer satisfaction while creating efficiencies throughout the business.

The Top 7 Benefits of Intelligent Automation for Your Company

The benefits of RPA can scale quickly and are seen across all types of organizations.

The Business Case for Thoughtful

Thoughtful is the new approach to robotic process automation that is democratizing automation for everyone, using affordable automation-as-a-service.

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