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Tasks Automated

Thoughtful can automate several processes within Tableau.

Thoughtful automates the data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) for Tableau customers. This includes automating pulling data from various sources and preparing it for use in Tableau visualizations. The company also automates scheduling regular data refreshes and publishing dashboards to Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Additionally, Thoughtful can automate the process of monitoring and maintaining the health of the Tableau Server, ensuring that it is running smoothly and that data is always up to date. This automation ensures that Tableau customers have the most accurate and up-to-date data for their business intelligence needs without needing to perform these tasks manually.

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Data Entry

By automating data entry tasks, organizations can experience an efficient and streamlined process. This not only saves time but allows employees to focus on more complex or valuable tasks. Automation also ensures accuracy and consistency by following pre-established rules and procedures. Furthermore, automation eliminates the risk of errors or mistakes caused by human fatigue or inattention. Overall, automating data entry can significantly improve the efficiency and precision of an organization's processes.

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Scrubbing / Data Cleansing

This bot ensures discrepancies within an application data is identified and cleaned or scrubbed.

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Data Cleaning, Scrubbing, Scrub, Data Cleansing

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What other processes can we do?

Thoughtful automates the process of creating Tableau visualizations for its customers. This includes automating connecting to various data sources, preparing and cleaning the data, and creating charts and dashboards that business users can easily understand. Additionally, Thoughtful can automate scheduling the visualization to be refreshed at regular intervals, ensuring that the data is always up to date. This automation eliminates manual intervention, allowing customers to focus on analyzing and interpreting the data rather than creating and maintaining the visualizations.

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