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Easily Automate Your Business Process Management with Microsoft and Thoughtful Bots

Leveraging Thoughtful's Software Bots with the #1 suite of productivity apps will cut costs and have your business thrive.

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Tasks Automated

What processes can we automate in Microsoft Office 365?

Thoughtful can automate any task within the Microsoft Office 365 family of products. By task, we mean the same series of steps that a human takes when using spreadsheets, file sharing, documents, forms, and the list goes on. No matter how short or how long the task.  Anything a human being can do, our Software Robots can replicate 80% faster and without error.  However, what makes Thoughtful valuable is our ability to replicate the entire process vs. only the Microsoft Office 365 part of the process.

For example, our Customer Intake Bot can get new customer form entries and go into Sharepoint and create a new customer Folder. It can setup Microsoft Teams and invite members and then add all of the customer information into Outlook contacts.

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Correspondence Tracking

The bot is designed to extracting information from an email to a tracking spreadsheet. It send the initial correspondence and follow-up emails until the requested correspondence is received.

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What other process automations can I do?

Thoughtful can automate with any online application and most desktop applications as well. For example, let's say you also use QuickBooks®. It can take the customer information from the Intake form and create a new customer in QuickBooks® and setup a monthly recurring invoice. It can check to see if the invoice was paid, send out statements and notify the account manager.

Let's say you need to fill out several different forms like in our "Government Form Creation" bot. It can take the data from the intake form and populate one, one hundred or any number of PDF forms with the data. All at a fraction of the time a human being could ever perform the same tasks.

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