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Tasks Automated

What Processes can you automate in Google Sheets?

You can automate various processes in Google Sheets, including tasks such as data entry, data manipulation, data analysis, and data validation. Bots can be programmed to perform these tasks based on certain triggers or events, allowing users to automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks within the platform. For example, bots can automate the process of entering data into a Google Sheets spreadsheet, pulling data from external sources, and inputting it into the appropriate cells. It can also be used to perform tasks such as sorting, filtering, and formatting data within as spreadsheet. In addition, bots can be used to perform various types of analysis on data within a Google Sheets spreadsheet, including generating pivot tables, creating charts and graphs, and running statistical analyses. Overall, bots can significantly streamline and accelerate many of the processes involved in working with data in Google Sheets, freeing up users to focus on more high-value tasks.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Automating Point of Sale (POS) transactions with Thoughtful can bring a range of advantages to a retail business. The software can streamline the process of processing sales transactions, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing the risk of errors. It can also help track sales data, inventory levels, and customer information, making it easier to identify trends and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, by automating the process of POS transactions, Thoughtful can help retail businesses to become more efficient and organized, making it easier to find and retrieve customer and sales information when needed. With Thoughtful, retail companies can securely process transactions and efficiently comply with regulations and financial compliance. The software can also help retailers provide customers with tailored offers, discounts, and loyalty programs and generate real-time sales reports.

retail; accounts payable; account management; google sheets; microsoft excel


LinkedIn Recruiting

After searching by specific location and criteria, the bot will send templated emails to specific candidates on LinkedIn.

human resources; recruiting; recruiting; candidate search; google sheets; linkedin; ultimate software

HR, Human Resources, Recruiting, LinkedIn


Job Board Scraping

The bot will scrape multiple job boards and pull out pertinent information for each position (rate, start date, location, etc.) and populate a spreadsheet where it’s organized by Employment Type (full-time, contract, etc.)

human resources; recruiting; recruiting; candidate search; job posting;; gmail; google sheets; ultimate software

HR, Human Resources, Recruiting, Job Posts, Job Posting


Dashboard / Report Generation

Data and Reports will be gathered by the bot and consolidated into a formatted Google Sheet dashboard.

all industries; all; google sheets; microsoft excel; crunchtime

Reporting, Dashboard, Generate Reports.


Correspondence Tracking

The bot is designed to extracting information from an email to a tracking spreadsheet. It send the initial correspondence and follow-up emails until the requested correspondence is received.

all industries; all; microsoft office 365; google sheets

correspondence, tracking

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What other process automations can we do?

An example of a data entry task that can be automated in Google Sheets is pulling data from external sources and inputting it into a spreadsheet. This can be a time-consuming task if it needs to be done manually, especially if there is a large amount of data to be entered. Bots can be programmed to automate this process by pulling data from a specified source (such as a website or database), parsing the data into the appropriate format, and inputting it into the appropriate cells in the Google Sheets spreadsheet. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors when working with data in Google Sheets.

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