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Automation automatically validates, cleanses, and standardizes data. So, you don’t have to.

Assigning back-office tasks to bots can result in better productivity, efficient operations, and ultimately higher profits by reducing the need for manual labor.

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Tasks Automated

Thoughtful automates within Dun & Bradstreet.

Thoughtful can automate several processes for Dun & Bradstreet using automation technologies. One process is data entry, where the software can mimic human actions to enter data into the Dun & Bradstreet system, such as company information or financial details. Another process is data retrieval, where the software can quickly and accurately gather news from various sources and integrate it into the Dun & Bradstreet system, providing a more efficient and accurate process. Additionally, Thoughtful can automate repetitive tasks such as data validation, cleansing, and standardization, saving time and reducing errors. Another process is report generation, where the software can gather the necessary data and calculate and organize the data in a structured format. Overall, automation technologies allow Thoughtful to streamline and improve the efficiency of various processes within Dun & Bradstreet.

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Data Entry

By automating data entry tasks, organizations can experience an efficient and streamlined process. This not only saves time but allows employees to focus on more complex or valuable tasks. Automation also ensures accuracy and consistency by following pre-established rules and procedures. Furthermore, automation eliminates the risk of errors or mistakes caused by human fatigue or inattention. Overall, automating data entry can significantly improve the efficiency and precision of an organization's processes.

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Scrubbing / Data Cleansing

This bot ensures discrepancies within an application data is identified and cleaned or scrubbed.

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What other processes can we do?

Thoughtful can automate the process of data entry and validation, data cleansing, and data standardization for Dun & Bradstreet using automation technology. The software can mimic human actions to enter company information, financial details, and other data into the Dun & Bradstreet system. Additionally, the software can automatically validate, cleanse, and standardize the data to ensure that it meets the requirements of Dun & Bradstreet. This can include removing duplicates, correcting formatting errors, and ensuring that data adhere to specific standards. The software can also be programmed to handle any exceptions or edge cases, providing a more efficient and accurate data entry and data validation, data cleansing, and data standardization process.

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