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Tasks Automated

Thoughtful can automate several processes within Crunchtime.

Automation can help businesses streamline their processes using Crunchtime, an operations management platform. For example, by integrating with Crunchtime's system, Thoughtful can automate inventory management by tracking levels and automatically reordering products to prevent out-of-stock items.

Additionally, Thoughtful can streamline scheduling by creating and managing employee schedules based on availability, skill set, and forecasted sales, resulting in better staffing during peak periods and improved employee satisfaction. Lastly, Thoughtful can automate reporting by generating regular reports on sales, inventory, and employee performance, providing businesses with the insights they need to make better decisions and improve efficiency.

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Inventory Management

The use of automation in inventory management can yield several benefits. One of the key advantages is its ability to streamline the process, as automation can handle inventory management tasks without the need for human involvement. This can save time and free up employees to focus on more complex or value-added tasks. Automation also ensures accuracy and consistency in the inventory management process, as it follows pre-set rules and procedures. Furthermore, automation can help reduce the risk of errors or mistakes caused by human error. In summary, incorporating automation into inventory management can enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and inventory tracking of an organization's operations.

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Data Entry

By automating data entry tasks, organizations can experience an efficient and streamlined process. This not only saves time but allows employees to focus on more complex or valuable tasks. Automation also ensures accuracy and consistency by following pre-established rules and procedures. Furthermore, automation eliminates the risk of errors or mistakes caused by human fatigue or inattention. Overall, automating data entry can significantly improve the efficiency and precision of an organization's processes.

accounting finance, all industries, workday, slack, adp, sap


Inventory Receiving

After retrieving the Packing Slip data and locating the Purchase Order, the bot receives each quantity, item, and amount on the Packing Slip into the system.

accounting finance; all industries; restaurant; accounts payable;; crunch accounting; financepal; freshbooks; infor; microsoft dynamics gp; netsuite; profitbooks; quickbooks; sage intacct; sap; xero; zarmoney; zoho books; crunchtime

Packing Slip, Purchase Order, PO, Receiving, Purchasing, Procurement


Dashboard / Report Generation

Data and Reports will be gathered by the bot and consolidated into a formatted Google Sheet dashboard.

all industries; all; google sheets; microsoft excel; crunchtime

Reporting, Dashboard, Generate Reports.

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What other process automations can we do?

Thoughtful can create a bot to create programs based on employee availability, skill set, and forecasted sales. This helps to ensure that the right staff is on hand during peak periods and can improve employee satisfaction. Thoughtful can also be configured to notify employees of schedule changes and track employee attendance and time-off requests, making managing employee schedules more efficient, less error-prone, and more accurate.

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